XL750 - ladepresse UTEN konv.sett og UTEN hylsemater -hjul og dier - Pistol/Rifle

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 Many current and potential customers are asking about the differences between Dillon's XL650 and the nw XL750.

The XL750 has a simplified linear priming system. It only requires the removal of two nuts to detach and change sizes on the primer feed system. Like the XL650, the 750 deprimes in station 1 and primes in station 2, minimizing any chance that spent primer residue could interfere with priming.
The shellplate indexing mechanism has been completely redesigned, so the shellplate turns more smoothly, decreasing cases wobble. The index pawl has been relocated on the ring indexer and the spring direction reversed. This makes it more difficult to accidently break the ring indexer. The index block now has a roller, which also smoothes out indexing.
Additionally, the index block incorporates a spring-loaded overtravel stop, which significantly increases the life of springs on the machine.
All caliber conversion kits, toolheads and most parts interchange freely between the XL750 and the XL650. Parts that are unique to the XL650 will remain in full production.