AkroBins "Square Deal" Bin

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 AkroBins are perfect for reloaders who load several calibers, bullet weights, bullet shapes, etc. We´ve been including these bins with our machines for years, and now we´re stocking them in quantity for our customers.
-The small bins (the ones we use as Square Deal ´B´ cartridge bins) are 4-3/4" long x 3-7/16" wide x 2-3/16" deep.
-The RL 550B/XL650 cartridge bins are 6-3/" long x 3-7/16" wide x 2-13/16" deep.
-The 1050 bins are 10-1/4" long x 4-3/8" wide x 4-3/4" deep.
-The double-extra-large bins we use on our SL 900 measure 13-3/4" long x 6-1/2" wide x 6-3/4" deep (all inside dimensions).
AkroBins are made of heavy-duty polypropylene with permanent, molded-in color (ours are blue). They´re virtuall unbreakable; unaffected by weak acids and alkalis, and are also water, rust and corrosion proof. Hang ´em, stack ´em, rack ´em and fill em � you can´t beat ´em! Buy several and get your "stuff" together