Case Pro 100

Artikkelnr.: 10013

Resizes Brass Back To Spec - Removes Brass Bulge -Eliminates Needing Case Lube

PrisNOK14 350,00 inkl. mva.


This machine was designed with reliability in mind. We accomplished this with a simple process using a forming rail. The rail is mounted to the base casting with 2 precision shoulder bolts and a back up rail mounted to a slide. These components are made of tool steel harden to a Rockwell of 58-60. This makes it almost impossible to wear these components out! The slide sits on top of 2 floor fillers and is backed up by 3 precision rollers to guide the slide smoothly from front to back. The handle has a pistol grip for comfort while the cases are fed into a transfer bar that shuttles the case over the dies and drops them in between in just one stroke . When the handle is maneuvered forward the cases are rolled between the dies to reduce the bulge and re profile the extractor groove and rim while another case is loaded in to the transfer bar. The handle is returned and the process in repeated. Dies are easily changed with 2 Allen wrenches in less then 5 minutes. The transfer bar is equipped with 2 hole sizes to accommodate both large and small calibers, by sliding it out the back of the shuttle frame and turning it around you are ready to begin sizing again. The base casting is made of 6061 aluminum and precision machined for a total .002 thousands of an inch fit, while the dies are machined to .0005 thousands of an inch. This makes for a very accurate machine. Each unit is then hand fitted to assure proper function.